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Participation de l’IRC à « Colomed 2017 International Scientific Workshop »


  • Date de début:2017-09-18
  • Date de fin :2017-09-18
  • Heure de début:08:30
  • Heure de fin:17:30
  • Lieu:Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Viale Regina Elena, 299 - Rome

Organisateur :

  • Organisé par:COLOMED: The Colorectal Cancer Mediterranean Network
  • Téléphone: (39) 0649903111
  • Email:colomed@iss.it
  • Site web:
  • Addresse:Istituto Superiore di Sanità

« Strengthening the Mediterranean Partnership in the field of Public Health – COLOMED: The Colorectal Cancer Mediterranean Network » is an international workshop for the fight against colorectal cancer.

The event will focus on the importance of networks and international cooperation in Public Health, with special attention to colorectal cancer research, prevention and treatment.

Representatives of public health institutions, associations, academics, researchers and clinicians from different Mediterranean countries will speak about their experience in this particular sector. They will provide an interesting overview of current colorectal cancer-related issues in order to discuss new strategies for future concerted actions aimed at reducing the disease burden in the Mediterranean area.

The workshop is accessible to health care professionals, researchers and clinicians, as well as to students, patients and people with a particular interest in colorectal cancer research and therapy.

More details: brochure


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